When the Nicasio Land Owners Association, Inc. (NLOA) was founded in 1961, it stated the following key goals in its Articles of Incorporation:

  1. To aid in the preservation of the beauty of the Nicasio area

  2. To study the possible future development and planning of the Nicasio area so as to take advantage of the natural beauty and topography of the area,

  3. To assist so that the Nicasio area may develop in a pleasing, well planned and orderly manner

  4. While recognizing that the development of the Nicasio area is inevitable and while not desiring to impede progress, to aid so that the future development is accomplished in a manner that will enhance the value of the community and preserve as much as possible its natural beauty.


Still guided by these objectives, the NLOA uses specific tools in order to evolve with the changing needs of both our local area and Western Marin County.  The NLOA:

  • Provides a voice on County policy initiatives and the development proposals that affect the Nicasio area.

  • The NLOA created “Development and Design Guidelines for the Nicasio Valley Planning Area.” These Guidelines were then adopted by Marin County in 1997 as the standards by which the county is to evaluate development applications in our community.

  • In order to have a consistent, knowledgeable interface between the community and the county planning staff, the NLOA created the Nicasio Design Review Board. Design Review Board volunteers evaluate the conformance of development applications using the Design Guidelines, and provide the county with a local interpretation of whether a project meets the standards set out by the community.


Today, the NLOA is continues its work in many areas.  Currently, there are committees dedicated to the following tasks, including but not limited to:


  • BROADBAND PROJECT: A committee formed to establish demand and solutions for high-speed internet.

  • NICASIO SQUARE: The use and maintenance of the Nicasio Square

  • The NLOA manages the Nicasio Filming Policy, to insure that groups drawn to Nicasio’s beauty for advertising and theatrical productions do not disrupt the flow of the community, and to reimburse the community for the use of the Square.

  • WATER: Establishing short and long term solutions for residential water sources and shared tools/systems/partnerships in times of drought

  • CLEAN-UP DAY: The NLOA sponsors annual community clean up day. See Community Calendar for this year's date.

  • NICASIO.NET: Maintaining and overseeing the town website

  • The NLOA coordinates closely with county agencies regarding land-use and planning issues that could affect the valley. This includes the recent placement of signs at the square limiting parking on weekends to insure that residents could retain access.

The NLOA is a membership organization, with policy making made by all dues paying landowners in Nicasio.  It holds its annual meeting in the spring of each year, where it elects its Board of Directors.   The Board meets quarterly to discuss issues and projects affecting the community. 

Board of Directors

Download the NLOA Bylaws (reflecting the change to Article II, paragraph B, that was voted on and approved at 2017 annual meeting)

Download the NLOA's Position Paper on Commercial Slaughter  (February 1, 2017)

The current oard members are:

  • William Joost, President

  • Stephen Lewis, Vice President

  • Leanne Wolfson, Treasurer

  • Caroline Bolthouse, Secretary

  • Rick Lafranchi

  • Stan Loar

  • Guy Phillips

  • Rick Lafranchi

  • Michael McDonnell

  • Kirby Wilcox

  • Thomas Wood

The Board members can be reached at NicasioLandOwnersassociation@gmail.com

Memo on Site Lighting in Nicasio

For a copy of NLOA President Bill Joost’s memo of August 30, 3019, regarding site lighting in Nicasio, please click here.

Update on Vineyard Installation & Lot 1 Fence

For a copy of NLOA President Bill Joost’s August 26, 2019, update regarding the vineyard installation at Big Rock and the fence around Lot 1, please click here.

For a copy of NLOA President Bill Joost’s recent update regarding the vineyard installation at Big Rock and the fence around Lot 1, please click here.

For a copy of the 8/6/2019 letter from Skywalker’s counsel to Marin County, click here.

For a copy of the 8/12/2019 letter from NLOA’s counsel to Marin County, click here.

Letter from Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

For a copy of Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni’s letter to Nicasio residents please click here.

Vineyard Installation at Big Rock

For a copy of NLOA President Bill Joost’s recent update regarding the July 31, 2019, meeting with representatives from Marin County and Skywalker click here. For a copy of the August 12, 2019, to Marin County from letter from NLOA’s counsel, Donald E Sobelman, click here.

For the most update dated July 28, 2019, from NLOA President Bill Joost regarding the vineyard installation at Big Rock Ranch click here.

NLOA has scheduled a community meeting July 10, 2019, at 7:00 pm at the Nicasio ball field bleachers regarding installation of the vineyard at Big Rock. To read the background information, please click here.

The following message is from NLOA President Bill Joost to the Nicasio community:

DATE: July 3, 2019

TO: All Nicasio Land Owners

FROM: Bill Joost, President

RE: Big Rock Ranch Vineyard

Last Friday afternoon, June 28, 2019, we learned of Skywalker Properties' decision to begin construction of a 4.9 acre vineyard immediately adjacent to Lucas Valley Road, between Big Rock and the gate to Big Rock Ranch at 3838 Lucas Valley Road. As some of you may have noticed, bulldozing began this week and is ongoing.

We have asked Skywalker to halt the construction and requested an immediate meeting to discuss this development. We will keep you advised of developments on this matter as they occur.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. I can be reached at bill@joostlaw.com and 415-793-3935, and Steve Lewis, our Vice President, can be reached at slewis@bargcoffin.com and 415-279-4155.

NLOA Vice President Steve Lewis reached out to Skywalker Properties regarding potential installation of a vineyard at Big Rock located at 3838 Lucas Valley Road. Download April 15, 2019 letter to Skywalker Properties.

2019 Clean-Up Volunteers - Thank You!

Many thanks to the following community members who showed up on Saturday, May 11, and helped clean up Nicasio’s roads.

The 2019 Clean-Up volunteers:

Bob Arrigoni
Barbara Contini
Patrick McDonnell
Bill Joost
Deborah Joost
Tom Kerch
Steve Lewis
Michael McDonnell
Nicole Mollison
Brodie Mollison
Marcy Shone
Rocky Shone
Matt Weinstein
Leanne Wolfson
Arden Wood
Tom Wood

Thanks to all listed above for their participation!

Proposed Language re: Educational Tours

The Marin County Community Development Agency is considering Development Code amendments in regards to the requirement of Use Permits for Educational Tours on ARP (Agricultural, Residential Planned) designated properties. NLOA President Stephen Lewis sent the following correspondence regarding the proposed language:

March 8, 2019 Letter to Marin County Board of Supervisors

February 8, 2019 Letter to Marin County Planning Commission Members

January 25, 2019 email to Jeremy Terjirian, Marin County Community Development Agency

January 9, 2019 Letter to Jeremy Terjirian, Marin County Community Development Agency

January 4, 2019 Letter to Jeremy Terjirian, Marin County Community Development Agency

Upcoming Meeting

December 11, 2019: 7:30 pm at Loar residence. Location and agenda will be available closer to the meeting date.

For more information on the upcoming meetings you may email NicasioLandOwnersAssociation@gmail.com

Past Meetings

September 18, 2019: 7:30 pm at W. Joost residence, 7079 Lucas Valley Road. For a copy of the agenda, click here.

July 2, 2019: Emergency meeting regarding installation of vineyard at Big Rock Ranch. Click here to download minutes.

May 29, 2019: Download Minutes or Download NLOA and NLP Treasurer’s Reports

Annual Meeting - May 2, 2019: Download Minutes

January 24, 2019: Download Minutes or Download NLOA and NLP Treasurer’s Reports

December 13, 2018: Download Minutes or Download NLOA and NLP Treasurer’s Reports

September 20, 2018: Download Minutes or Download NLOA and NLP Treasurer’s Reports or Download NLOA/NLP Resolutions or NLOA Release of Indebtedness or Agreement between NMWD and MMWD or Broadband Report

May 3, 2018: Download Minutes or Download NLOA Treasurer's Report or Download NLP Treasurer's Report

January 11, 2018: Download Minutes

May 15, 2017: Minutes coming soon

Annual Meeting:  May 4, 2017: Download Minutes

February 28, 2017:  Download Minutes

April 14, 2017 (Conference Call):  Download Minutes

May 15, 2017: Download NLOA Meeting Minutes, or, Download NLP Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2017:  Download NLOA Meeting Minutes, or Download NLP Meeting Minutes, or Download NLOA/NLP Treasurers Report


This special meeting was held: (1) to discuss the conditions for the release of funds, totaling $1,109,000.00 (and not including accrued interest) to the Inyo Company/Nicasio Broadband Network LLC by the NLOA, in its capacity as Agent for prepaying customers as set forth in the Master Services Agreement, and (2) to vote on the release of said funds.

Download the "Presentation to the NLOA Board of Directors" packet for Broadband meeting

Download the NLOA/NLP Meeting Minutes for the December 13, 2017 meeting

January 11, 2018:  Download NLOA Meeting Agenda, or, Download NLP Meeting Agenda

Nicasio Land Owners Association/Nicasio Land Preserve Boards' Communication to National Park Service re:  Point Reyes National Seashore General Management Plan Amendment

(click on above title to read submission)

The Board considered all timely-submitted objections in framing its submission to the Park Service.

posted:  November 15, 2017

Pay Annual Dues/ Make a contribution

Only members who are current in their payment of annual dues ($70) are allowed to vote at the Annual Meeting.  In order to pay dues you may click on the "contribute" button below to be redirected to paypal.  Or, you may send your check, made payable to the:

Nicasio Land Preserve

PO Box 532

Nicasio, CA 94946

THE NICASIO LAND PRESERVE IS A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, IRS TAX ID # 71-0919132

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