What land constitutes Nicasio:

The hydrologic zone comprising the 4 primary drainages for Nicasio Creek, these include:

  1.  The South fork of Nicasio Creek extending from Moon Hill, along the ridge separating Nicasio from San Geronimo and Samual P. Taylor parks, and extending NW towards the northern end of Platform Bridge Road,
  2.  The East fork of Nicasio Creek extending from Loma Alta and the ridge on the north side of Sir Francis Drake, extending up through Big Rock and up towards Big-Rock Ridge,
  3. The Halleck creek drainage, up to the ridges separating Nicasio from Lucas Valley and Novato,
  4. The northern drainage extending along the ridgelines of Hicks Mountain and Black Mountain.

Nicasio is deemed to extend from the ridgelines that define the hydrologic divide  for these drainages. 


What is the size of Nicasio:

Land Area: Nicasio comprises approximately 25,000 acres or over  30 square miles.

Number of Landowners: There are approximately 350 parcels in Nicasio.

Number of developed parcels: There are approximately 250 homes in Nicasio, based on County record

What is the potential build-out, in number of units:  In taking a long term view of Nicasio, the ability to maintain the community’s rural character is going to require diligence to make sure that development is conducted in a manner compatible with the landscape. 

Based on:

  • Sites not yet built out, plus
  • Sites which can be split
  • Excluding parcels enrolled in Williamson Act.

There is the potential for an increase of roughly 100 – 115 new units, or an increase in the range of approximately 40%

If we add the potential for second units to be built on the existing parcels, this could add 50% – 70% more homes, albeit single bedroom units.  This increase is to the expanded community, described above, that is 40% larger than current.

If we add the potential for the conversion of Williamson parcels, this adds the prospects of an additional 100+ new units, or an additional 40% above current levels, and most of these would have second unit potential.

Population: Depending on how one inquires, the US Census reported the Nicasio area to have between about 570 and 900 people in 2000.  Based on the development potential currently on the books, as described above, the population in 2050 could be over 2,000 people.

What is the rate of new home development in Nicasio?

Extrapolating the 10 year average, Nicasio should expect to have 3 – 4 new houses built per year

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 April 2009 )