We Reached our Goal!

June 8, 2017 UPDATE

With a few prepayments still in the mail, total funds in NLOA's broadband escrow account stand at $1,059,000!  Even more impressive than this total is the fact that nearly two thirds of all eligible properties participated in the prepayment program.  Wow!!! Congratulations Nicasio for working together as a community to raise this match!

Having exceeded our goal, at this point we are no longer able to accept prepayments.   All contracts (MSAs) and funds collected or mailed prior to the June 3rd deadline will be honored and funds exceeding our $1m goal will be used to enhance network reliability, redundancy and reach. 


For those who are anxious about what NOT prepaying means for their eligibility, don't be. You are eligible for month-to-month services and, based on the prepayment program's success, Inyo is considering offering a similar plan during service enrollment (tbd). 

Next Steps

What now? First up is securing permits.  Inyo staff is busy finalizing the backbone network design, which when submitted to planners will kick off County review. Dennis Rodoni has been keeping County decision makers informed about our project, in an effort to minimize the time spent at this task. If things go according to plan, the required permits and rights-of-way approvals will be in hand in August.  During this process, Inyo is also preparing the performance bond, will soon be initiating service enrollments (just TV and phone for those who prepaid), providing the documents for the CPUC's release of their grant, and the many other tasks required to initiate construction. Once the terms of escrow have been met, funds will be released and the build can begin.  The goal is still to have the fiber "lit" by year's end. 

NLOA will remain closely involved, particularly in its role as escrow agent, but going forward you should expect to be hearing from, and communicating directly with, Inyo, rather than from the Nicasio Broadband committee. If there are questions you have for the NLOA broadband committee, feel free to reach out. 

Congratulations Nicasio! This has been a tremendous demonstration of community action! 

Nicasio Landowners Association Broadband Committee



Inyo Networks can answer your questions and explain the steps required to move forward with your internet service.

Customer Service Number:  (415) 630-4287

EMAIL: (Kelly Souto)

MAIL:   Signed MSA/Escrow form/check (made out to "NLOA-Broadband") to:  

Inyo-Nicasio Broadband

1101 Nimitz Ave

Vallejo, CA 94592

The Nicasio Broadband Network Project is a local, collaborative effort between Nicasio Landowners Association and Inyo Networks to bring the best possible broadband services to Nicasio.  In its first phase the project will use grant funding and local investment to construct and operate an open-access, gigabit "fiber to the premises" (FTTP) network serving 220+ residences in Nicasio with ultra-high-speed internet, video and voice services (aka a "triple play" offering).  Our goal is to serve every resident and organization in Nicasio.  In later phases, this network may provide a base for the expansion of high speed internet to other underserved parts of West Marin



Wall Street Journal Article describing how "More buyers are choosing where they live based on access to broadband."

By Ryan Knutson